Welcome to gotCLL 1.1

Welcome to gotCLL.com, a highly selective guide to the best and most fitting CLL information and resources on the internet and on mobile devices.

gotCLL.com is intended to be an easy-to-use, guide

  • for hematologists,  oncologists, or other health care providers, which they can recommend to and use with their patients;
  • for CLL patients and their caregivers, which they can use to explore and learn about CLL symptoms, conditions, diagnoses, prognoses, treatments, immunology, how to live and cope with CLL, and more; and
  • for family members,  friends, co-workers, and acquaintances of CLL patients and their caregivers.

gotCLL.com is new and will develop and improve as more good CLL information and resources are identified and linked, here, and as visitors contribute to it with their comments, suggestions, and feedback.

Newcomer to this weblog? If so, be sure to visit

Help > Getting Started,
About, and
For Patients & Caregivers > Overview.

Then explore the other topics on the Menu Bar.

To all in the CLL community, be well and be well-informed.

– Tom Nielsen, EdD
webmaster and CLL patient


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