Web-based e-Learning

The internet has a number of websites offering good web-based e-learning. Consider furthering your education by visiting and making good use of them.

  • Cancer Information Support Network
    If you want a more structured approach to your learning about cancer in general, CLL specifically, or related topics, the Cancer Information Support Network offers very good web-based e-learning resources on cancer research.
  • Learn.Genetics. If you want to learn more about genetics, epigenetics, cells, and cell therapy, consider exploring the resources offered on the University of Utah’s Learn.Genetics website.

CISN: Web-based e-Learning on Cancer Research

The Cancer Information Support Network (CISN) offers certified web-based training for patients, advocates and medical professionals who want to better understand cancer research.

An overview and a complete outline of the six sections of the e-training are available. The sections include:

Each section will require one to two hours to read while each quiz will take forty-five   minutes to and hour. No previous background is assumed, and each sub-section can be read individually. → More…



Following are links to selected resources at Learn.Genetics. Be sure to explore the L.G website for even more great educational resources.


This is a great visual tool for comparing the size of things, allowing you to zoom in/out on them. [Note: At present this tool does not work on iOS mobile devices.]







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