HealthVaultOverview Microsoft HealthVault is a free, trusted resource enabling you to gather, store, use, and share health information–your own personal health record (PHR) and your family’s–online. View the overview video and then learn more.

Blue Button & HealthVault


Blue Button® is a federal initiative which enables you to download and upload health information securely to and from My HealtheVet, Medicare, Aetna, BCBS, physician, other provider and insurer accounts. See how Blue Button and HealthVault work together by viewing the short video.

Learn more about Blue Button, then visit the HealthVault video collection with more than 25  HealthVault How To… videos.

Apps & Devices

Apps and devices offer a growing range of ways to get the important health information you’re tracking into your HealthVault record. Learn more.

HealthVault Mobile Apps & Web Browser Access


iPhone (iPad)


Windows Phone


Windows Tablet

HealthVault may be accessed via these mobile apps or via web browsers.


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