Blue Button (outdated)

BlueButtonBlue Button ® is a technology developed by the Department of Veterans Affairs  (VA) and used widely as a standard means of downloading and sharing health information and personal health records (PHR). iPhone and iPad apps for employing the Blue Button technology appear on the Mobile Apps page.

VA_BlueBUttonView a short video about Blue Button development and use for the VA’s and learn more about the VA Blue Button Initiative Resources. See another video, here.



Medicare and TRICARE have begun offering their beneficiaries a Blue Button to download their medical records from secure websites. Now other organizations [e.g., some BC/BS insurers and providers]  are committing to offer similar capabilities for their patients and beneficiaries.

Accessing Your Health Information With the Blue Button

The following illustrate how  the BlueCross BlueShield Federal Employee Program has implemented the Blue Button technology on some of its pages:

➊On the Welcome page – the Blue Button is located near the bottom of the page.


➋On the Welcome page – the Blue Button is located in the ‘My Health’ section of the left hand navigation menu.


➌In the Continuity of Care Record (CCR) – located under the ‘My Health’ section in the left hand navigation menu, the Blue Button is located in the middle of the CCR welcome page.



When a Blue Button is clicked, the window above opens
for downloading of the PHR.


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