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Here on the SPECIFIC path you may find links to more topics and issues in which your are interested or have a need to know more about.


CLL Prognosis Markers Defined Sharman Icon

What Type of CLL Do You Have?  

Workshop III- All About Prognostic Indicators  

Prognostic Indicators: Who, When, What and Why  

“Doc, How Long Do I Have?”  

Custom Search: ‘prognostic indicators’  

Prognostic Factors and Impact on Treatment

Emerging Therapeutic Options  

Cellular Oncology

Brakes, Accelerators and Fuel Lines – a Story of Cars and Cancer 

An Introduction to Apoptosis 

Apoptotic Pathways Animation 

B-cell Surface Proteins Animation 

Fundamental Concepts in B-cell Malignancies 

Clinical Trials

CLL Clinical Trials 

Good News! (December 2011)

Novel Compound Holds Promise in High-Risk CLL

‘Soil & Seed’ – PCI-32765- ASH2011 Update 

Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM)

CAM: Definition of Terms

Care (Palliative) vs Cure

Integrative Oncology – Essentials

Complementary Therapies in Integrative Oncology

Healthcare Professional Series on Integrative Therapies

Developing a Personal Plan for Health and Well-Being

“Integrative” oncology: Trojan horse, quackademic medicine, or both?
   WARNING:  This is a cancer surgeon’s rant against CAM.

Green Tea Extract


CLL Complications – an Expert Overview  

Custom Search: ‘complications’  

Diet & Supplements

Anti-cancer Diets & Nutrition

Drug Costs

iv pills 300

How Expensive Are New Drugs? Why So High? Sharman Icon

Some States Mandate Better Coverage of Oral Cancer Drugs


Emerging Treatments & Therapies

Custom Search: ’emerging therapies’ 

Individualizing Treatment 

An Expert’s Perspective: The Changing Landscape of CLL (audio)

On-line Workshops on Advances in CLL (audio)

FDA approves Imbruvica to treat chronic lymphocytic leukemia new  

Shingles & CLL

Shingles and the CLL patient

Shingles Vaccination: What You Need To Know

Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer and CLL


Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia – SEER Stat Fact Sheets

Test & Indicator Specifics (also see Biomarkers) 

A Better Predictor…

Diagnosing CLL

White Blood Cells, Red Blood Cells, & Platelets

Watchful Waiting

Watch and Wait (AKA: Watch and Freak Out) Sharman Icon

Web-based e-Training on Cancer Research

The Cancer Information Support Network (CISN) offers certified web-based training for patients, advocates and medical professionals who want to better understand cancer research. → More…

An overview and a complete outline of the six sections of the e-training are available. The sections include:

Each section will require one to two hours to read while each quiz will takek 45 minutes to and hour. No previous background is assumed, and each sub-section can be read individually. → More…


More questions and links to related resources will be added as the website is developed and suggestions are submitted. Please submit your comments, questions, and suggestions, here.


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