Getting Started

Take a couple of minutes to go over the following.  Become familiar with this website so you may get around, better.

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This website is not unlike most websites and blogs. Each website Page has key components including

  • Masthead Image,
  • main Menu Bar (or Navigation Bar),
  • Page or Post Title and a main Body containing Page or Post content,
  • Sidebar withcomponents called Widgets, and
  • Footer at the bottom. Home Page

On the Menu are

  • Page links (e.g., Home, About, Help), some of which may have
  • a Drop-down Menu with more page links.

Menu Bar, Drop-down Menu, Page/Post, & SIdebar

On the Sidebar appear a number Widgets, which may include

  • News & Announcements,
  • a Search box, for searching the website’s content,
  • a CLL Topics Updates widget with Search and Index links
    (does not appear in current snapshots on this page),
  • a Pages Recently Added/Updated list,
  • a Recent Posts list,
  • a Recent Comments list,
  • a Categories selector box, for finding categorized posts,
  • Tags links, to finding tagged posts,
  • a Calendar with date links to posts,
  • an Archives selector box, for the monthly collections of posts,
  • Meta links for various tasks (e.g., ), and
  • Follow Blog via Email widget
    (does not appear in current snapshots on this page).

On some posts only the beginning portion of the post will appear. Click the link, Continue reading →,  to read the entire post.

Before clicking Continue Reading

After clicking Continue Reading

On the Occasional Musings page, beneath the masthead image, may appear

  • a sticky post which will remain until it is removed by the webmaster,
  • other posts, ordered from newest to oldest, and
  • links to previous and next posts, appear immediately beneath the Header Image as posts are read.

Note: gotCLLcom version 1.1 now uses Occasional Musings as the default front page (instead of the Home page).

Link to the next post appears, right, under the masthead image

Tip: Click Post Titles

On Occasional Musings and Archives pages, multiple posts may appear. Click the title of a post to go to the post’s page where a comment/reply, if allowed, may be entered.

Finally, comments may be posted to some but not all pages and posts, enabling discussion, asking and answering questions, contributing new information and links, etc. Who may may post comments is determined by the website security policies, access privileges, and other settings. Comment posters must log in, providing either their name and email address or using their WordPress, Twitter, or Facebook account.

Posting a comment requires log in

Comment posting requires log in

 Creating, editing, and managing posts and pages requires special authoring knowledge and access privileges. The webmaster is responsible for managing the website and providing authoring access.


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