Conference Videos

In the first section are links to selected videos on the Patient Power website from recent conferences. In second are links from earlier conferences.


2013 Patient Power Videos

Following are a few videos from a much larger collection on the Patient Power website, some of which may also be of interest.

2/24 Improvement Treatments on the Horizon for Elderly CLL Patients (2:22)

Elderly patients are not being forgotten when it comes to the many developments and improved treatments for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).  Most people are diagnosed with CLL in their senior years.  However, in the past, some of the most powerful therapies were thought to be too strong for elderly patients.  But now, the newest and most effective therapies are becoming available to patients of all ages.  Dr. Barbara Eichhorst, a CLL expert from Cologne, Germany, explains more in this interview with Andrew Schorr.

6/24 Stimulating the Immune System to Fight CLL (10:36)

Research into immunotherapy—using a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer cells—has been developing quickly. So how do these emerging approaches work in treating CLL, a disease that suppresses the immune system? Dr. William Wierda, clinical medical director in the department of leukemia at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, discusses current immunotherapy research as well as developing strategies to help strengthen the immune system in CLL patients.

7/1  Research Renaissance: New Approaches to CLL Treatment (10:10)

Recent strides in CLL research are leading to new pathways for treatment. In this video, Dr. Jeff Sharman of the Willamette Valley Cancer Institute shares his perspective on the progress in treatment and how he believes that the disease is experiencing a “renaissance.”  He goes into more detail about advancing treatment approaches–including inhibitor drugs and monoclonal antibodies, such as GA-101–and how these therapies work to target CLL.

7/21  An Expert’s Perspective: What’s Significant in CLL Now? (6:44)

At the 2013 of European Hematology Association (EHA) meeting in Stockholm, experts discussed the latest CLL research data. In this video, CLL expert Dr. Peter Hillmen from the University of Leeds, shares highlights of the study data that was presented. Dr. Hillmen also offers his view on new, small-molecule therapies and who may benefit from their use, explaining which patients may have better results with conventional treatment approaches.

ASH 2012

Top News From ASH 2012 – Slideshow*

MedscapeCLL Perspectives – Interpreting Emerging Clinical Trial Data* [15:13]

CLL: Final Thoughts  [2:24]

*require free registration



ASCO Patient Education Videos (2009-2012)

ASH 2011: Breakthroughs in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

ASH 2011patientpower – Dec 29, 2011 [7:35] Dr. Steven Rosen, Director of the Lurie Cancer Center in Chicago, shares his perspective on the latest news from the American Society of Hematology’s 2011 annual meeting, focused around major advances in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). A new, non-chemotherapy approach may provide a better tolerated approach to treating the disease, especially for older patients and those with genetic variations that do not respond to the current standard of care.

Other Related Videos

Historical Video Series  [American Society of Clinical Oncology]

Measure of Success [1:07]- Dr. Samuel Hellman cautions that survival should not always be the measure of success when it comes to cancer care.

IdentifyingPatients at Risk [1:05] – Dr. Robert C. Young describes how the Human Genome Project has helped oncologists identify and assist patients who are at risk of disease.


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