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The current fiscal crisis in Washington is creating all sorts of problems, especially for patients requiring expensive cancer drugs and care. This page has been added as a place to locate related information sources and issues, especially those which are enduring or particularly noteworthy.


COA Mission Statement     

The mission of COA is to protect and foster the community oncology delivery system in the United States through public policy, advocacy, and education. Because the majority of Americans battling cancer receive treatment in the community setting, ensuring the vitality of the community cancer care delivery system is imperative for patient well-being.  → More

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Medicare Pulls Back Curtain On Hospital Bills


NPR – May 8, 2013:  When it comes to health care, the biggest of the big data are all about Medicare.

So, it’s kind of a BIG deal when the government releases what individual hospitals charge Medicare — and what they actually get paid — for the most common diagnoses and treatments. → More

How much do providers charge in your state?

Go the the Washington Post page and scroll down to the interactive chart to see how much providers charge in your state. → Interactive Chart

The AP reports Huge Drug Cost Disparities Seen in Health Overhaul.


May 3, 2013: How expensive are the new CLL drugs?

April 3, 2013: Why oncologists may refuse Medicare patients.

CURE Community


May 7, 2013: Sequester and cancer

April 17, 2013: Understanding the Affordable Care Act

April 5, 2013: Sequestration and cancer patients

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For a search for internet postings with the above terms the past month, → Continue here


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