Cell-Level Healing: Applying Informed Thinking in Healing Painful Spinal Stenosis

Several years ago I gave a mindful approach to healing painful, debilitating spinal stenosis a try. Here is the story of my experience with cell-level healing, applying informed thinking to influence the stenosis and my quality of life.

I offer this as an example to accompany my post,
Can We Use Our Minds to Influence Cancer Outcomes?


More than a dozen years ago, after gradually developing stenosis in my lower spine over the years, I suffered a consequent, acute inflammation, severe pain, and a stooping posture from which I could no longer stand erect. After an MRI and a series of three epidural block administered over a period of weeks, my condition was vastly improved.

About five years later, having subsequently taking Celebrex to address recurring inflammation, I searched for and discovered a non-drug alternative–pEMF technology–to use in place of the dangerous NSAID. For nearly five years more I was able to control, without drugs, the debilitating inflammation and pain associated with the progressing spinal stenosis.

However, there came a time when the calcification in my spine–ever-narrowing spaces, spicules,and spurs–irritating, pinching, and inflaming L3-L5 nerves–had progressed to the point where it was no longer sufficient to treat merely the inflammation, and so I sought medical treatment again: an MRI and the start of another epidural series. After the second of three injections, it was clear that such a course of treatment, together with hydrotherapy, was not addressing the problems of pain and mobility.

About that time I attended a week-long workshop on remote viewing and distant intention (healing) conducted by Stephan Schwartz and Russell Targ at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. That week on the Omega  campus I had an especially difficult time walking the hilly paths to/and from the cottage where I would sleep and the meeting and dining halls. My back and left leg were killing me!

Before attending the workshop, I had begun researching the topic of energy healing for a class I was developing for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Auburn University. I had brought with me some related books to read late evenings and early mornings, but had left them in the car in the parking lot, an agonizing distance to walk. So the first evening I stopped by bookstore on my way back to the cottage after dining to look for something to read. While browsing the shelves, a book seemingly jumped off the self at me**, Cell-Level Healing, by Joyce W. Hawkes, PhD, who also, I later learned, was conducting a workshop at Omega Institute that week.

Upon returning home, I completed reading her book and integrated the topic of cell-level healing into the Energy Healing class. I also decided to give cell-level healing a try. The class began in January and I reported on the four remote, cell-level healing sessions I had with Dr Hawkes, conducted via telephone over a period of approximately two months.

At the start of the first session, my pain level was about 7 on a scale from 1 to 10. I was experiencing severe pain in the L3-L4 area of my spine and terrible L3 and L4 root nerve pain, primarily in my left leg and buttocks. During the first session Dr. Hawkes reviewed my medical history which I had sent her, including reports from x-rays, MRIs, and other tests and treatments. She explained how we would proceed and then instructed me to stretch out on a couch, relax, close my eyes, and receive her healing meditations which she began as soon as we hung up. Forty-five minutes later she called and received feedback on what I had experienced during the remote healing meditation. Three weeks later we had the second session followed by two more sessions, again weeks apart. Between sessions,

Between sessions I regularly practiced the meditation for arthritis she presented in her book. The informed thinking of the meditation included knowledge of how osteoclast and osteoblast cells work in the buildup and removal of excess calcium deposits in the body.

Illustrated cross-section of an activated osteoclast
Illustrated cross-section of an activated osteoclast. (Wikipedia)

Over the course of our sessions I began to notice, gradually, greater mobility and less pain. Even after our last remote session, my condition continued to improve as I continued the meditative exercises. Four months later my pain index ranged between 1 and 2.

I would like to point out one important factor which, I believe, plays in such an outcome: a nonlocal worldview of reality. There is substantial evidence that one’s worldview (beliefs) has an effect on psi phenomena (The Sheep Goat Effect). Openness, acceptance, and expectation, in addition to intention and attention, seem to enable and foster desired nonlocal outcomes. Thus it appears that informed, nonlocal thinking may well provide the substrate of effective meditative exercises in cell-level healing in ourselves and others.

*Nonlocal refers to relationships (correlations) the maintain beyond the limiting constraints of (local) space and time, an aspect of reality which has been scientifically established since 1972.

**I had had such synchronistic experiences before; coincidences which Arthur Koestler termed the action of library angels “where a combination of serendipity and intuition appears to be operating to find [exceedingly relevant] books or source references.” (Thalbourne, 2006)

Joyce Hawkes Interview (Part 1, Part 2)


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