Cell-Level Healing: Guiding Principles

The Guiding Principles of Cell-Level Healing*

Before we discuss specific applications for Cell-Level Healing, let’s examine the following guiding principles for healing:
1. Pay attention
  • Develop a profound level of appreciation for your body, mind, and spirit as well as gratitude for whatever state of life and health you now experience.
  • Identify blockages and proceed to clear them as best you can.
  • Use imagery and kinesthetic awareness to feel a flow of energy throughout your body to whatever extent is possible at any given moment.
2. Notice resistance
  • Notice if you are resisting anything in your journey to healing. This allows you an additional bit of time to focus on how clear you are and how available you are for healing.
  • If you find resistance, repeat the clearing phase until you sense flowing energy running into the crown of your head, down through your body, and out of your feet. Ask yourself for information about any resistance in a neutral, nonjudgmental way. This will allow you to either move on or to receive additional spiritual help to free yourself from any unwanted situations.
3. Look within
  • Turn inward and enter the safest and deepest state of meditation possible.
  • The first part of your meditation should be simply finding a place of silence, followed by allowing intuitive wisdom about your situation to arise.
  • As you turn inward, seek to identify the particular cells most in need of healing. Envelop those cells within an image of spirals made from soul-light. Hold this though for as long as you feel fully engaged.
4. Integrate healing energy
  • After completing a healing meditation, rest for a few minutes, holding the intention of allowing the healing energy to integrate throughout your body. Address the cells of your body, saying,
    “I trust you to continue healing, and I ask the spiritual dimension of my deepest healing consciousness to guide, sustain, and enliven you.”Modify this statement in any way that works best for you.
*Excerpt from Joyce Whiteley Hawkes, Cell-Level Healing. (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2006, pp. 97-99) Used with permission of the publisher.

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