gotCLL 1.2 – An Upgrade of Sorts

While taking a break from developing/leading classes for OLLI at Auburn University, I have had some time to upgrade several of my weblogs, including gotCLL and  PHR4us.

One new feature I’m working on is a link to Twitter. Until now, I have not had a personal need to tweet, but recently I came to realize that Twitter might be an asset for my weblogs. Ergo, gotCLL 1.2.



You will see two new widgets in the sidebar: a Please RT [i.e., re-tweet] link near the top and another My Tweets link near the bottom. My hope is the first will remind and encourage visitors to tweet about gotCLL and make it easy for them to re-tweet (RT) an initial tweet. The objective is to reach, inform, and interest a broad spectrum of new visitors and followers to gotCLL.

The second may be more vanity than utility; we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully it will open and encourage interaction and discussion. Of course the Reply option at the end of some pages and most posts and Feedback on the menu bar are available, too.

Educational Media

Following the testing and tweaking of Twitter on PHR4us will come the updating of the education media section of the weblog as part of this 1.2 upgrade. For example, I am currently scouring the internet for new videos and other educational resources which may further our understanding of immono-oncology; e.g., how the immune system and immuno-therapies work, and what is currently available and in the pipeline.

So, for a good cause, please RT  gotCLL.

Thank you.


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