Vitamin D Update

Some visitors to come to it in search of information on Vitamin D and CLL Since it has been awhile since I last researched the topic, I did so today and have added new links to selected findings on the Vitamin D page, including:

    • an informative video from the APT series Second Opinion; SECOND_OPINION___Vitamin_D___APT___Full_Episode_-_YouTube
    • two tables addressing the question, how much vitamin D is needed for health?vitamin-d-levels-chart-25-hydroxy-d-optimal-deficient-cancer-excess-ng-ml
      Recommended Minimum Vitamin D
      Intake (μg/day and IU/day)
    • low vitamin D increases pneumonia risk in older adults;
    • low vitamin D levels and risk of CLL (July 2013);
    • Medicare Policies and Guidelines on vitamin D testing;
    • information on vitamin D and cancer prevention from the National Cancer Institute; and
    • vitamin D testing options from the Vitamin D Council.

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