PHR4us – A New Weblog

For more than a month I have been developing a new weblog, a spinoff of

PHR4us – Personal Health Records for Us – a beginners’ guide and reference


 PHR4us is a weblog (with a forum) designed especially for those of us who know little or nothing about personal health records (PHR), health information technology (health IT), Microsoft HealthVault and apps, and other health IT and developments.

Learn why personal health records–PHR–are important to us and our family members; how they, along with other health IT, will enable us to participate more fully in our own healthcare and to improve its quality and cost-effectiveness.

So, if and when you’re ready to work on your personal health records,  why not give PHR4us  a try? Use it to inform and guide you in:

  • learning about PHR and health IT;
  • creating PHR for yourself and members of your family;
  • accessing, managing, and understanding your health information;
  • improving the accuracy and completeness of your health information;
  • sharing your health information with caregivers and healthcare providers; and
  • increasing the quality of your own healthcare and wellbeing and that of your family.

Please visit PHR4us, share the the link to PHR4us with others, and consider giving a bit of your time to be an alpha tester, to provide some meaningful feedback for the improvement of the PHR4us weblog and forum.


About Webmaster

Webmaster for is a retired educator who has worked for more than 50 years in secondary, higher, medical, and life-long learning education.
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One Response to PHR4us – A New Weblog

  1. Webmaster says:

    On September 23, 2013 version 1.0 of the PHR4us weblog was released. Please consider using it and sharing a link to it with others.

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