“This Is My Last Day on Earth.”

I ran across this post this morning and thought I’d share it with you so you could read it and share it with others: your family physician, oncologist/hematologist, personal caregivers, family, and friends. It may give you something to think about and say to them before your last day, be it CLL or whatever.

Dr.Hildreth“This Is My Last Day on Earth”
        by Craig R. Hildreth, MD | May 2, 2013
        Dr. Hildreth is a medical oncologist in private practice.

“The past two and a half years have been such a bonfire of emotions for me. At the beginning, I never realized I would have to cope with such shifting and volatile contradictions: terror and courage, rage and tranquility, despair and hope. Thirty months ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. For 30 months, I have been living with cancer, but today I am dying of it. It has been an exhausting journey and now like a fire’s last embers, my spirit also dims. Before the day and I both go dark, however, I need closure on some things that have been on my mind. May I share them with you?”  Continue reading →


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