Can We Use Our Minds to Influence Cancer Outcomes?

Near the end of a recent post, Does Positive Thinking Influence Cancer Outcome?, on her wonderful CLL Topics Updates weblog, Chaya Venkat mused,

 I am curious to know what you guys think about all this stuff.  Faith, a positive mental attitude, a gentle philosophy of accepting what is after all inevitable for all mortal beings – all of these are important in making life worth living.

 I’d like to re-frame the post’s title question a bit, to suggest that informed thinking might reasonably influence cancer outcome.

Note that I am suggesting informed thinking, as opposed to magical thinking, as a likely approach to influencing cancer outcomes. One source of informed thinking is a renowned cellular biophysicist, Joyce W. Hawkes, PhD–a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a supervising research scientist, a recipient of a U.S. National Achievement Award, a founding director of an NIH research lab–and, for more than thirty years, a cell-level energy healer. Her career story, related in her book, Cell-Level Healing, is an amazing one, and the message from her years of science training and research and energy healing learning and practices is as hopeful as it is amazing.

According to Dr. Hawkes, we can use our minds–informed thinking–to heal our bodies at the cellular level; and, of course, cancers are cellular beasts. Cancers are among the many debilitating and deadly conditions she has addressed with her understanding of cells and her mindful energy practices*.

The evidence at this time, is anecdotal, not yet at the level of evidence we obtain from clinical trials. Hopefully, resources will eventually become available to conduct the necessary clinical investigations. Such research will be very expensive and difficult to conduct. But, in the mean time, we can, we should consider–with  a progressive, intelligent, open mind–what she has to offer.

 Open your mind, set your biases and preconceived notions aside. We do not have all the answers and there is clearly more that we do not know and need to learn. Where the science supports these integrative concepts of energy medicine, let’s use them. Where there is not enough science, let the studies begin and continue.
17th U.S. Surgeon General,
Richard Carmona, MD, MPH, FACS
(Foreword, The Energy Healing Experiments, p. 2)

We should guard against any premature or prejudiced dismissal of Dr Hawkes’ informed thinking and the informed thinking that may well enable us to become mindful participants in our own and our loved ones cancer healing.

So, rather, let’s ask, “Can we use our minds–informed thinking–to influence cancer outcomes?” for I believe emerging evidence suggests the answer is, “Yes, we can.”

*See: Energy Healing: Related Resources, Weeks 2 & 3
Cell-Level Healing: Applying Informed Thinking in Healing Painful Spinal Stenosis


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One Response to Can We Use Our Minds to Influence Cancer Outcomes?

  1. Energy healing may also make you feel better- never a bad thing unless it makes you reject treatment, which an ethical healer would not do. And, perhaps, energy healing where there is nothing else may ease the discomfort of the process of dying.

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