Could This Be The End Of Cancer?

In the December 12, 2011 issue of Newsweek, science columnist, editor and co-author Sharon Begley posed the title question, Could This Be The End Of Cancer? This referring to vaccines for cancer.  A number of comments–some critical of Ms Begley and the piece for oversimplifying and overstating the case for vaccines for cancer–were posted on Newsweek’s internet face, The DailyBeast. Her article and the comments are worth reading.

For those of us in the CLL community, it behooves us to have a good, reasonable, and informed understanding of the vaccines as they pertain to CLL. One reliable source for sound information and assessment of medical reseach developments is Chaya Venkat’s articles on CLL Topics Updates. On the topic of vaccines and CLL you might consider reading some of what Chaya has to offer, e.g.:

“Chemoprevention” Approach to High Risk CLL
Jan 19, 2010  “Gene Therapy”, “Vaccine Therapy”  Later on the same approach with some modifications came to be known as the ISF35 “vaccine therapy”. 

ISF35: CLL “Vaccine”
Dec 20, 2010  ISF35 is called a vaccine. In some ways that is not quite right, since it does not prevent anyone from contracting CLL, the usual reason why 

An Interesting Vaccine Trial for CLL
Jun 4, 2009  Developing an effective vaccine that kills off CLL cells in newly diagnosed patients is the ultimate Holy Grail for our patient community. 

And while you’re at it, regarding vaccinations in general for CLL patients don’t miss:

CLL Topics Updates » Vaccinations, Infections and Skin Cancer
May 18, 2011  Adding insult to injury, routine vaccinations do not work very well for our patient group. Secondary cancers such as skin cancer could also be 

BTW, over the years Chaya has authored many (100+) articles on vaccines and vaccination; to find them just enter ‘vaccine’ or ‘vaccination’ in the search box at the top of any CLL Topics Update page.


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